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Token City helps Numisstaxx Revolutionize the Numismatic Industry

Numisstaxx collaborates with major coin dealers to create certificates of authenticity that accompany the coin whenever it is sold. Provenance information and all other relevant data pertaining to the coin is preserved in digital...
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The Raise of the Fan Token

Sports clubs are using blockchain technology to create Fan Tokens, granting fans a certain level of privilege and access within sports and entertainment sectors. They can be used to attain membership advantages such as exclusive...
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There Will be no Metaverse Without Blockchain

Blockchain technology will be crucial to the realization of the Metaverse vision by providing a secure and transparent foundation for the Metaverse's digital economy, where virtual worlds, experiences and assets will be seamlessly...
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Understanding NFTs in the World of Asset Tokenization

Asset tokenization keeps revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with various forms of value. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, could revolutionize the finance industry by offering innovative solutions for asset issuance,...
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NFTs in the Creative Economy

NFTs have the potential to unlock new forms of value and monetization in the creator economy and are creating new ecosystems that are more democratic and less intermediated.
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Talking About Women in the Crypto and NFT Ecosystem

On the occasion of International Women's Day, we took part in Myconomy's special discussion with Women Protagonists in the crypto ecosystem, presented by Sergio Fernández Bermejo. Rocío Alvarez-Ossorio, CMO and partner of Token City,...
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Nash21 launches its digital asset marketplace on Token City's marketplace aggregator

Through an agreement aimed at increasing the supply of investment assets on Token City's platform, Nash21 and Token City join forces to further drive the tokenization of the economy, generating new opportunities for investors....
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EU to the Rescue of NFTs in the App Store and Beyond

The Digital Markets Act allows the EU to set itself up as an enabling environment for the new economy that allows the widespread use of NFTs.
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Understanding Value Creation in the Metaverse

By converting game assets into NFTs, companies guarantee users' ownership of the assets they obtain during their gameplay. This sovereignty over their assets enables communities of players to trade with each other....

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