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    Improve the liquidity
    of your financial assets
    through blockchain tokenization
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    Introducing the Token City Cryptoassets Marketplace
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    Our Services

    Unlocking liquidity

    We provide the platform infrastructure and comprehensive services required to issue, manage
    and trade Security Tokens


    Security Token Offerings (STOs)

    Raise capital by issuing security tokens

    Asset Tokenization & Management

    Tokenize & Manage your financial assets in order to improve your liquidity

    Buy & Sell

    Make your Offer to Buy or Sell Security Tokens

    Platform as a Service

    Your own security tokens platform under your own brand

    Entering the new era of Digital Securities

    Our Clients

    Know the value added we provide you with

    Financial Asset Managers
    Grow your market scope
    • Register, manage and trade your assets in a more secure andfaster way with Blockchain technology
    • Increase your attractiveness by providing more liquid options to your investors
    • Easily distribute earnings to investors
    Improve your asset tradability
    • Increase your assets transferability and your return on investment alternatives
    • Find more investment opportunities
    • Buy and sell assets online through legally binding agreements
    Raise Funds Faster Through STOs
    • Raise funds faster thanks to easy-to-build contracts and straight-forward transaction processing
    • Digital tokens are far more liquid and simple to issue than paper certificates
    • Make your funding round more attractive by offering investors a liquid asset they can trade whenenever they need to

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    From basic concepts to advanced new developments

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    Payments Networks are Making Strategic Blockchain Moves

    Payment networks, starting with Visa and SWIFT, are making moves that, for the first time, go beyond cryptocurrencies....
    entry image

    Features of Security Tokens

    A security token is a digital representation of a real-world asset – like shares in a company, a bond or a bar of gold....
    entry image

    MiCA regulation is getting closer

    The European Commission urged its members to agree to its Crypto-Asset Markets regulations this fall....


    Building trusting relationships

    Because we make things happen

    “Asset tokenization is the origin of new capital markets in the digital age. We are tokenizing and selling our Hispania loan portfolio worth € 5 million through Token City, so we can start reaping the benefits of digitized financial assets”.

    Javier Mera

    Javier Mera

    CEO of Linx Capital Investments

    “For ECIJA, the Token City project represents a milestone, after several years working with the Token City team. We are proud to have developed the legal part of the technology, thus contributing to the expansion of the tokenization of assets in particular and of blockchain in general. We believe that Token City will be a disruptive force in the investment sector”.

    Oliver von Schiller

    Oliver von Schiller

    Partner at ECIJA Lawyers

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