Blockchain Service - Web 3 API

Unlock the full power of the blockchain from your user interface.

  • Deploy Smart Contracts for your business operations.
  • Facilitate Wallet management while maintaining user control.
  • Monitor in real time events taking place on the blockchain and subscribe to the ones you need to track.
  • Execute transactions on the blockchain such as mints, transfers and token burns.
  • Extract and register from the blockchain information required for your business operations.
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Custom tokenization platform solution

Seamless Blockchain API solution

Focus on growing your business while Token City makes the Blockchain accessible for you. Streamline your blockchain operations through a single API simplifying asset issuance, asset management, events tracking, wallet management and more.

  • Scalable
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Cost-effective

Companies from anywhere in the world can leverage the power of cutting-edge Blockchain technology to issue, manage and distribute security tokens, without the need of significant investments in manpower and infrastructure.

Security Tokens simplified

Programmable Security Tokens Made Effortless Through a Single API

Real Estate, Equity and Debt, NFTs & More

Smart Contracts Factory

Our Smart Contracts Factory allows you to easily issue tokens in a few clicks.

Rich tokenization standards

Manage KYC, whitelisting, swaps and much more thanks to ERC20 and EIP712 compliant contracts enriched with added functionalities.

Web 3 API

Execute all blockchain functionality through deployable smart contracts via a powerful API.

Full traceability

Monitor any activity generated by smart contracts, such as user balances, transaction status or KYC processes.

Wallet management

Enable easy-to-use wallets with institutional-grade security for your users.

Signature Management

Validate processes by requesting structured data signatures.