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Token City provides the complete technological infrastructure enabling the management of tokenized financial assets, also known as cryptoassets. It offers management and tokenization solutions, as well as a marketplace for cryptoassets backed by private companies' financial assets.

Through blockchain tokenization, Token City enables the digital, secure representation of a variety of assets, such as corporate equity, credit, real estate, property, intellectual property and other types of economic rights created by private companies. With this technology, small and medium-sized companies, as well as asset managers, can improve their liquidity and that of their investors by creating their own crypto-asset markets. Token City works with partners and DeFi protocols to enable a bridge to the new paradigm of decentralized finance, allowing companies to access new liquidity options.

For their part, investors can access, on Token City's boulevards, squares and neighborhoods, an aggregated and diverse offering of cryptoasset markets created and managed by companies and asset managers.

Token City was created in 2020 and has since received numerous accolades. It has been named by Forbes Spain among the 22 ideas that will make an impact in 2022, recognized by Finnovating as one of the 5 most promising companies created in Spain in 2020 and selected among the most innovative startups by Entrepreneurship World Cup, AIBC Malta and Molo9.

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