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Unlock enhanced liquidity options through your own private platform enabling Security Tokens management and trading

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Benefit from the Token City technology to provide more liquidity options to your investors. Our platform provides you with the tools to manage your digital securities. We customize it to your own brand and needs.

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Blockchain Smart Contracts

We design and develop the Smart Contracts that allow for Security Tokens creation and management.

Investor Onboarding

Improve the investor experience with extremely fast KYC and compliance.

Buyer/seller order matching

Provide your investors with an efficient and safe environment to purchase and sale Security Tokens.

Secure payments

Multiple anti-fraud and money laundering prevention tools keep your transactions safe.

Contract review and e-signatures

Automate processes and speed up contract closures through e-signatures.

Customized dashboard

Customize your dashboard and management tools to your specific needs.

“For ECIJA, the Token City project represents a milestone, after several years working with the Token City team. We are proud to have developed the legal part of the technology, thus contributing to the expansion of the tokenization of assets in particular and of blockchain in general. We believe that Token City will be a disruptive force in the investment sector”.

Testimonial Author

Oliver von Schiller

Partner at ECIJA Lawyers