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Financing and liquidity with your own token issuance and sale platform.

  • Join the new wave of alternative financing through asset-backed blockchain tokens.
  • Easily, quickly and securely streamline the sale of your tokens or your clients’.
  • Create your own platform, customized with your brand, image and content, and with full legal security.
  • Tokenize and funnel capital, financing and liquidity from all types of assets and business sectors.
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Custom tokenization platform solution

Custom blockchain solution for asset tokenization

Use Token City technology to facilitate token issuance an enable fundraising, enhanced liquidity and alternative financing in a cost-effective manner:

  • Secure
  • Multi-device
  • Flexible
  • Scalable

An increasing number of companies are turning to asset tokenization to attract capital, liquidity and financing.

Tokenization platforms for real estate, homes, offices, buildings and commercial spaces attract investors and enable the generation of capital, liquidity and quick and secure financing. This is a sector whose global value is about 317 trillion dollars, of which 307 trillion are privately owned and easily tokenized.

New technologies in the gaming sector are enabling the application of augmented reality and the metaverse. The tokenization of digital assets through NFTs will be key in the unprecedented forms of ownership that are flourishing thanks to tokenization, which is why new platforms for gaming assets emerge to facilitate asset trading in an industry whose growth is expected to be exponential.

Art in the form of NFT allows for the sale (including traceability and royalties) of artistic creations. The sale of art on blockchain through tokens on platforms that facilitate the tokenization of artistic assets, both real and virtual, is becoming increasingly widespread. Both art tokens and gaming tokens allow for the exploitation of intellectual property and copyrights.

Blockchain tokenization is enabling the rise of platforms for the funding of renewable energy installations, mainly solar or wind, as well as for the secondary trading of collection and exploitation rights. Carbon credit platforms are also gaining momentum. Utility projects, in which energy is sold into the electricity grid and injected directly into the energy market, are proliferating as well.

Sports crypto tokens can be included in financial planning. Fan tokens are already very common, allowing supporters of a sports club to participate in the recruitment of a player. Image rights or racing cars are also tokenized.

Tokenize assets and enable investors to buy them

Features our custom tokenization and tokenized asset sales platform

We adapt our platform to your needs

Dedicated Website

Personalized platform, with its own domain, brand image and projects.


Ability to issue any type of token: Utility, NFTs and Security Tokens.

Multiple projects

Possibility of recurring emissions of different projects.

Blockchain service

Programming of Smart Contracts, creation and distribution of tokens. Payments in fiat and crypto.

Investor onboarding

Integration with KYC / AML operator, as well as with Wallet or Custodian.


Integration with your own market in the Token City Marketplace.

“Token City's white label technology allows us to bolster our brand as impact investment pioneers striving to achieve our goal of cleaner and fairer energy. We decided to hire Token City because of their obvious professionalism and passion for what they do.”

Testimonial Author

Juan Carlos Abril

CEO of Valfry Solar