Nash21 launches its digital asset marketplace on Token City's marketplace aggregator

Dec 2, 2022

Through an agreement aimed at increasing the supply of investment assets on Token City's platform, Nash21 and Token City join forces to further drive the tokenization of the economy, generating new opportunities for investors.

Token City is the first aggregator of digitized asset markets on blockchain. It provides the complete technological infrastructure and specialized advice for the comprehensive management of such assets, facilitating financing alternatives for companies and greater liquidity for investors.

Nash21 has specialized in tokenizing rental contracts, turning them into transactable and liquid. This company brings new uses to rental contracts, such that the benefit is reflected in the real estate market participants in the following way:

The landlord can secure, tokenize and sell their lease. The tenant can get at no cost a guarantee for his lease. The investor can obtain a monthly rent without owning a property.

All this is possible because Nash21 takes care of transforming the traditional rental contract into a smart rental contract, which generates an asset in the form of a transactable and liquid NFT, which includes the full non-payment guarantee, so the landlord collects the rent, whether or not their tenant pays. 

In a financial context characterized by the evolution of FinTech, cryptoeconomics and the rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Token City works tirelessly to facilitate access to alternative investments through asset tokenization.



Entra en la nueva economía tokenizada

Enter the new tokenized economy

Token City is the ultimate bridge to the tokenized economy (tEconomy), in which tokenized companies (tEnterprises) create their cryptoasset markets (tMarkets), open to global investors (tCitizens).

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