Talking About Women in the Crypto and NFT Ecosystem

Mar 9, 2023

On the occasion of International Women's Day, we took part in Myconomy's special discussion with Women Protagonists in the crypto ecosystem, presented by Sergio Fernández Bermejo. Rocío Alvarez-Ossorio, CMO and partner of Token City, discussed all the latest news, trends, and more about the industry. Alena Afanaseva, CEO of BeInCrypto Español, shared her perspective on the industry and her experiences. Carlota Hernández Gil, Head of Marketing at Onyze, spoke about the barriers that exist in the industry, as well as sharing some of her experiences and the role she plays in it. Finally, Lucia Arenas, Co-founder of Oubita, talked about her role in the crypto and NFT environment.

Beginnings and perspectives of the crypto and NFT landscape

The participants all started working in this industry because they are passionate about technology and the possibilities it offers. They also mentioned that equality has already been achieved or is very close to being achieved in all of their companies.

On the other hand, the lack of female developers and influencers in the crypto and NFT sector was mentioned, as they only represent 2% of the total. They also provided a general view of the future of the industry and the importance of continuing to work on its adoption and evangelization.

"We have to stop talking about technology, we have to talk about what it brings, we have to explain what it's for. We have to make an effort to bring it to a more accessible level," said Myconomy's CMO and Token City partner, Rocío Alvarez-Ossorio. In conclusion, the guests believed that the key lies in financial education from childhood, with the aim of making technology more accessible so that people can interact with it effortlessly.

Myconomy show cover with photo of the guests and presenter

The presence of women in the crypto and NFT space

Despite the lack of representation in the influencer and developer community, many women are making significant contributions to the industry. Many women lead cryptocurrency companies, create NFT art, and make significant investments. They are breaking down barriers and inspiring a new generation of women to get involved in the industry.

More and more barriers to accessing resources and funding are being broken down. While women entrepreneurs and artists have historically had more difficulty obtaining funding for their projects, there are now several organizations and initiatives dedicated to supporting women in the industry and providing them with the resources they need to succeed, whether by creating NFTs, companies, or actively participating in other ways in the industry.

The presence of women in the cryptocurrency and NFT industry is growing, and with women like the guests at the discussion, they will continue to make an impact.

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