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Token City on Capital Radio

Our CMO & Token City Partner, Rocío Alvarez-Ossorio Alvarez-Ossorio, took part in the Capital Radio (Business) show with Carlos Puig Sagi-Vela, to answer several questions: What is a cryptoasset? What kind of cryptoassets are there?...
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What you need to know about MiCA regulation

MiCA is sure to incentive market adoption in the crypto space. It will increase harmonization, the competitiveness and market share of regulated businesses and the institutional share of activities and services provided, eliminating...
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The 5 Approaches to Regulating Crypto Assets

It's the regulatory aspect of blockchain implementation what determines the rate of adoption within the wider financial system. In a recent report by the World Economic Forum coauthored by the Global Blockchain Business Council, five...
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EU Crypto Sector Already Thriving Under MiCA Regulation

Just last month, in April 2023, the groundbreaking MiCA regulation was enacted on behalf of the 450 million inhabitants across the 28 European member states. We are witnessing MiCA's tangible influence even in such a short span of time,...
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Talking About Women in the Crypto and NFT Ecosystem

On the occasion of International Women's Day, we took part in Myconomy's special discussion with Women Protagonists in the crypto ecosystem, presented by Sergio Fernández Bermejo. Rocío Alvarez-Ossorio, CMO and partner of Token City,...

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