How Token City is Redefining Investing through Tokenization

Jun 10, 2023

Asset Tokenization lets us push the boundaries of what the financial system can offer, enabling individuals and businesses to connect in ways never seen before. Asset tokenization has remarkably reduced the need for intermediaries, revolutionizing the finance industry and fostering decentralization by creating a direct link between investors and companies.

For the first time, individuals can invest in high-quality financial assets with full legal guarantees, without the need for expensive intermediaries, and from low amounts, tailored to different degrees of financial capacity. This significant shift from traditional finance enables access to new investment opportunities, promotes financial inclusion and improves business operations.

Expanding Opportunities for Businesses

Token City leverages blockchain technology to make financing easier for businesses by significantly reducing asset issuance costs. Traditional market entry often comes with a high price tag, but Token City enables companies to issue and transfer their assets directly to the public, creating a cost-efficient way to raise capital. This transformative approach is enabling the creation of unprecedented products and markets within the financial sector.

Token City's platform extends the boundaries of securities markets to a global level, opening the door to more efficient forms of international investing. This expansion broadens the investor base of the markets, providing greater liquidity and depth. Additionally, in traditional markets transactions are not immediate due to the need for intermediaries and manual processes. Asset tokenization, combines asset acquisition, clearing, and settlement of financial instruments into a single operational and regulatory act. As a result, tokenization allows for the completion of instant transactions in a secure manner, thanks to automation and the elimination of intermediaries.

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Increased Transparency, Security, and Fraud Risk Reduction

Distributed technology ensures that all network nodes share the same information, bolstering the transparency and security of transactions. Moreover, the decentralized nature of blockchain means there isn't a single point of failure, increasing security against fraud attempts. These elements, combined with the strong cryptographic component of the technology, prevent the falsification of records.

This higher degree of transparency can be particularly beneficial for businesses that need to maintain high transparency standards, such as companies operating in highly regulated sectors. Token City's asset tokenization platform is redefining the financial landscape in the EU and beyond, fostering more secure, inclusive and efficient investments. It’s not just a game-changer: We're shaping the future of finance.

Entra en la nueva economía tokenizada

Enter the new tokenized economy

Token City is the ultimate bridge to the tokenized economy (tEconomy), in which tokenized companies (tEnterprises) create their cryptoasset markets (tMarkets), open to global investors (tCitizens).

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