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Grupo Matba Rofex, leader in Latin American futures markets, acquires equity stake in Token City through Primary Ventures

Matba Rofex takes a significant step towards its insertion into the tokenized economy with its investment in Token City. This allows it to benefit from the many advantages associated with asset tokenization and to keep abreast of...
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Realbites launches its Market on Token City, with Humberto Villanueva

Rocío Alvarez-Ossorio Alvarez-Ossorio, Partner and CMO of Token City and Humberto Villanueva, CEO and Co-Founder of Realbites, explain what this platform is and how it works; what the benefits of investing in real estate through a...
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Token City on Capital Radio

Our CMO & Token City Partner, Rocío Alvarez-Ossorio Alvarez-Ossorio, took part in the Capital Radio (Business) show with Carlos Puig Sagi-Vela, to answer several questions: What is a cryptoasset? What kind of cryptoassets are there?...
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The Raise of the Fan Token

Sports clubs are using blockchain technology to create Fan Tokens, granting fans a certain level of privilege and access within sports and entertainment sectors. They can be used to attain membership advantages such as exclusive...
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The 5 Approaches to Regulating Crypto Assets

It's the regulatory aspect of blockchain implementation what determines the rate of adoption within the wider financial system. In a recent report by the World Economic Forum coauthored by the Global Blockchain Business Council, five...
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How Token City is Redefining Investing through Tokenization

Token City's asset tokenization platform is redefining the financial landscape in the EU and beyond, fostering more secure, inclusive and efficient investments. It’s not just a game-changer: We're shaping the future of finance....
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Why invest in Token City? Alejandro Soto and Gonzalo García-Valdecasas respond

Token City kicks off its funding round next Monday, June 12. Would you like to participate in the creation of the blockchain regulated securities markets that Token City is creating in the European Union and Switzerland, if you are an...
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The Future is Already the Present in Blockchain Securities Markets Technology, with Alfredo Muñoz García

In the latest Token City show we are joined by Yael H. Oaknin, CEO and Founder of Token City, Rocío Álvarez-Ossorio, CMO and Partner of Token City and Alfredo Muñoz García, Professor of Business Law at UCM and Of Counsel Grant Thornton....
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Token City Kicks off its Funding Round with Yael H. Oaknin and Rocío Álvarez-Ossorio

On the latest myconomy show, Yael H. Oaknin, CEO and Founder of Token City and Rocío Álvarez-Ossorio, CMO and Partner of Token City, told us about the XXI Century National Technology Award, with which Token City has been honored. The award...
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Asset Tokenization from a DeFi Perspective

Traditionally, DeFi protocols have used crypto-assets (like Ether, Bitcoin, etc.) as collateral to issue loans, create derivatives, and establish stablecoins. However, this limits the scale and scope of DeFi, since it only allows for...
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Token City Receives the XXI Century National Technology Award 2023

Token City is the proud recipient of the National XXI Century Technology Award 2023. This prestigious honor acknowledges our innovative leadership and advanced application of blockchain technology, not only within our country but...
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EthicHub launches its funding round June 5 on Token City's crowdfunding

On the latest myconomy show, Jori Armbruster, CEO and Co-Founder of EthicHub and Gabriela Chang Valdovinos, CSO and Co-Founder of EthicHub, joined us to talk about the new round of funding they will be launching on Adventurees Token City...
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EU Crypto Sector Already Thriving Under MiCA Regulation

Just last month, in April 2023, the groundbreaking MiCA regulation was enacted on behalf of the 450 million inhabitants across the 28 European member states. We are witnessing MiCA's tangible influence even in such a short span of time,...
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Translating Supply Chain Finance into Tokens

Supply chain finance (SCF) is a set of financial solutions aimed at optimizing cash flow and working capital in a supply chain. It involves collaboration between buyers, suppliers, and financial institutions to improve the efficiency...
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Security Token Offerings Are Revolutionizing Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding emerged years ago as a popular alternative to traditional methods of raising capital, allowing companies to secure funding from a wide base of investors. More recently, the growing relevance of equity crowdfunding...
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Understanding what Securities are

The term "security" is of increasing interest in financial circles, even though we are not referring to cybersecurity. In simple terms, a security in the European Union (EU) is a financial instrument that represents an ownership...
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Features of Security Tokens

A security token is the digital representation of a real-world asset – such as shares in a company, a bond or a house. By tokenized we means it is issued on a blockchain and represents ownership, a share in the profits, shareholder rights and...

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