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The tokenization of alternative investment distribution to individuals is a $400 billion opportunity

By leveraging tokenization, the alternatives industry can unlock an additional $400 billion in annual revenue. Wealthy individuals gain access to higher-quality portfolios and a wider range of investment options. Alternative asset...
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Tokenization: a new paradigm in real estate investment

Despite the attractiveness of real estate as a profitable investment - endorsed by over 80% of the population - only 3% of the world's population invests in real estate. This disparity raises questions and points to problems inherent in...
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What you need to know about MiCA regulation

MiCA is sure to incentive market adoption in the crypto space. It will increase harmonization, the competitiveness and market share of regulated businesses and the institutional share of activities and services provided, eliminating...
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How Token City is Redefining Investing through Tokenization

Token City's asset tokenization platform is redefining the financial landscape in the EU and beyond, fostering more secure, inclusive and efficient investments. It’s not just a game-changer: We're shaping the future of finance....
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New Crowdfunding Options Accelerate the Raise of the Retail Investor

The democratization of the investment market that crowdfunding and digital assets are enabling is a positive trend empowering individuals to make more nuanced financial decisions, helping make investing an invaluable tool to help...
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Aerospace Asset Tokenization with Grant Blaisdell from Copernic Space

Today's guest is a unique entrepreneur who has been creating ventures at the intersection of new technologies between the US and Europe since his late teens. Grant Blaisdell was one of the early pioneers in the blockchain world, having...
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Asset Tokenization from a DeFi Perspective

Traditionally, DeFi protocols have used crypto-assets (like Ether, Bitcoin, etc.) as collateral to issue loans, create derivatives, and establish stablecoins. However, this limits the scale and scope of DeFi, since it only allows for...
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Is Europe ready for a mass scale tokenization of the economy?

Almudena de la Mata, attorney on leave at the Bank of Spain, CEO of Blockchain Intelligence and President of the Blockchain Intelligence Law Institute, and Montse Guardia Guell, President of the Social Council of the UPC, tell us about it...
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EthicHub launches its funding round June 5 on Token City's crowdfunding

On the latest myconomy show, Jori Armbruster, CEO and Co-Founder of EthicHub and Gabriela Chang Valdovinos, CSO and Co-Founder of EthicHub, joined us to talk about the new round of funding they will be launching on Adventurees Token City...
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Unlocking the Power of Blockchain in Securities Markets

While the use of blockchain in the securities space may seem fairly new, the reality is that this technology has garnered significant interest from the financial sector for years now. The catalyst seems to have been the public release of...
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The golden age of tokenized gold, a safe haven within cryptocurrencies

Tokenized gold has recently found itself in a particularly favorable context. On the one hand, the crypto market is far and away leading the profitability ranking at the beginning of 2023. On the other hand, gold has accelerated its rises...
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The Basics of Blockchain and How It's Transforming Industries

Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that records transactions across multiple computers in a secure, transparent, and tamper-resistant manner. This technology enables the tracking of digital assets and ensures that each...
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Understanding NFTs in the World of Asset Tokenization

Asset tokenization keeps revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with various forms of value. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, could revolutionize the finance industry by offering innovative solutions for asset issuance,...
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Blockchain from the DoD to Gaming: Steven Dobesh and Isidro Quintana

Exclusive interview featuring two of the most accomplished operators in the realms of technology and blockchain- Steven Dobesh, Former Technology and Innovation Chief at US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Founder & CEO of True Tickets, and...
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Understanding what Securities are

The term "security" is of increasing interest in financial circles, even though we are not referring to cybersecurity. In simple terms, a security in the European Union (EU) is a financial instrument that represents an ownership...

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