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Origin and purpose


You'are sending us hundreds of messages from all corners of the world asking how tokenization can help you:

How can I tokenize investments in real estate, gold, intellectual property rights, equities, debt, funds, etc.? What is the most favorable jurisdiction? How do I sell my token? How can I create my own community of investors?

And we have listened!

The result is The Token Club, a private, exclusive and global space where you can find answers to your questions and meet wonderful people who will help you achieve what you want, because they have already done it.

Who is it for?

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Find the community you want to grow with

At Token City we have been at the forefront of technological, legal and financial innovation for years, working alongside regulators.

We have tokenized all types of Real World Assets (RWA) such as goods, services or financial assets and created one of the first regulated tokenized asset exchanges in Europe to make investment and financing more accessible on a global scale.

This trajectory has allowed us to acquire a deep sector knowledge that we want to share with:

  • Professionals such as lawyers, financiers, heads of innovation, sales, finance, engineers, developers and journalists who want to transform their sectors;
  • Companies looking to discover the new tokenized economy in order to create their own alternative financing channel, increase their sales and generate greater engagement with their communities; and
  • Financial institutions such as investment services firms, funds, lenders, investors and family offices to go deeper into the world of tokenized financial assets.

Topics to be covered

What will you learn?

Learn at your own pace and about what interests you

You will have access to live meetings, all of them related to the tokenization world from different perspectives:


  • Introduction to tokenization
  • Types of tokens
  • How to create tokens that add value to my business
  • How tokenization can help me fund my company, increase sales, reduce the risk of new product launches, increase engagement with your customers


  • Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts
  • Protocols and standards


  • Global Legal Framework: Europe (Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, etc.), Latam, USA, UK, Arab Emirates, Singapour, and more.
  • Primary and secondary market for security tokens
  • Entity responsible for the Registry of DLT Securities
  • RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors)


  • Tokenization of Financial Instruments (Real Estate, Royalties, Gold, Art, Carbon Emissions, etc.).
  • Tokenization of Loyalty Programs (Nike, Starbucks, StockX, etc.)
  • Tokenization by sectors. Real Estate, Energy, Music, Video Games
  • Steps and launch of an STO


  • Go to market strategy of the token
  • Community building
  • Tokenized loyalty programs


  • What should I know in order to make an investment decision in tokenized assets?
  • Markets for tokenized financial assets. Learn firsthand how we are creating them and how to interact with them

Shared experience

Who will you learn from?

Specialists in technical, legal and financial fields share their experience

Along the way, we have had the opportunity to meet and work with other pioneers, great leaders in the industry, who today join The Token Club to share their knowledge:

Yael H. Oaknin
Token City. Spain
Ismael Caram
Matba Rofex. Argentina
Rocío Álvarez-Ossorio
Token City. Spain
Alfredo Muñoz
Ceca Magan. Grant Thornton. Spain