Token City's 18th show on Movistar's Negocios Televisión

Feb 15, 2023

In the last Token City show we had two very special guests: Jason Barraza, Head of Growth and Operations at STMARKET and Ana María Gutiérrez Solsona, CEO and co-founder of MaBAKER, who together with Rocío Álvarez- Ossorio, CMO and Partner of Token City, told us about their projects and how Token City brings them value.

We connected from Miami with Jason Barraza, to know what STMARKET is, how its aggregator works and what selection criteria it uses when aggregating markets, since according to regulation they are divided into two basic categories: the primary and secondary market. The primary market refers to assets that are being sold for the first time. For example, shares that the founding team of a company puts up for sale to finance itself. The secondary market refers to the subsequent sale of those shares (any number of times), after they have been bought the first time.

Jason also told us about how the U.S. regulatory framework affects the primary and secondary markets. We also had the opportunity to learn about the types of aggregated tokens that STMARKET works with and to delve into the evolution of Security Token markets.

We then turned our attention to Ana María Gutiérrez, who told us how MaBAKER was born and the vision of her startup, whose fascinating product allows you to make your own homemade bread in just three minutes in an easy, organic and sustainable way. MaBAKER is working on its second round of investment (this time tokenized) through Adventurees Token City Launcher, which among other things will allow it to migrate production to Spain and launch its new subscription model. You can also check out their crowdfunding on Verkami. We invite you to contact Ana María to evaluate her capacity as an entrepreneur, she will not disappoint you!


Entra en la nueva economía tokenizada

Enter the new tokenized economy

Token City is the ultimate bridge to the tokenized economy (tEconomy), in which tokenized companies (tEnterprises) create their cryptoasset markets (tMarkets), open to global investors (tCitizens).

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