Token City and IX Swap Join Forces to bring liquidity to private companies

Apr 18, 2022

We at Token City are excited to announce our partnership with IX Swap, the Singaporean platform leading the way in automated market making for tokenized assets. 

The new tokenized economy will be built on the joint work of pioneering companies like IX Swap and Token City, which through constant innovation on new blockchain technology can expand access to capital for private companies. 

IX Swap is the world's first DeFi project to offer a liquidity solution to secondary trading for STOs and fractional NFTs, thanks to its automated market making platform whose enhanced algorithm is designed to reduce price volatility. 

Token City's agreement with IX Swap will further expand liquidity options for companies looking to raise funds by taking advantage of the benefits of digitizing their assets and leveraging the power of DeFi. 

Thanks to companies like IX Swap and Token City, the future of finance is within reach for today's businesses, which can now issue, digitize and facilitate the trading of financial assets on an unprecedented scale. 

“IX Swap will provide Token City and their clients with an accessible secondary market for its primary issuance listings,” Aaron Ong, co-founder of IX Swap, explained. “Together, we want to provide win-win solutions for companies and investors to access new opportunities while helping improve the market-wide issue of liquidity in the security token industry. We are excited to work with Token City in making this happen.”

Yael H. Oaknin, Token City's founder and CEO, said that “As we strive to provide our clients with first-class access to capital, working with IX Swap allows us to offer the most advanced technology currently available. The quality of IX Swap’s Automated Market Maker for digital assets is unparalleled in the space, which gives us the confidence to help our clients reach their objectives in the best possible way. We look forward to working closely with the IX Swap team”. 

About Token City

Established in 2020, ​​Token City provides the complete technological infrastructure that enables the management of tokenized financial assets and offers management and tokenization solutions, as well as a marketplace for security tokens backed by private companies' financial assets. Thanks to its infrastructure, Token City provides a bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance.

The company has been named by Forbes Spain among the 22 ideas that will make an impact in 2022, recognized by Finnovating as one of the five (5) most promising companies created in Spain in 2020, and selected among the most innovative startups by Entrepreneurship World Cup, AIBC Malta, and Molo9.

About IX Swap 

IX Swap is a next-generation platform that leverages DeFi services backed by CeFi regulatory compliance to facilitate safe and convenient issuance, listing, and trading of security tokens and fractionalized NFTs.

By bridging the gap between traditional finance and innovative blockchain-based solutions, IX Swap is paving the way in democratizing access to traditional financial markets that have never been done before.

Entra en la nueva economía tokenizada

Enter the new tokenized economy

Token City is the ultimate bridge to the tokenized economy (tEconomy), in which tokenized companies (tEnterprises) create their cryptoasset markets (tMarkets), open to global investors (tCitizens).

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