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Institutional DeFi: the New Dawn of Securities Infrastructure

Some of the largest participants in finance are creating systems to take advantage of incorporating decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols into the financial industry, through the use of tokenized securities....
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Ernst & Young: Spanish Private Capital Returns Triple Those of the IBEX 35

The study, which covers a 15-year period, highlights the ability of Spanish funds to generate consistent returns. Between 2006 and 2021, Spanish private equity funds posted a net internal rate of return (IRR) of 11.2%....
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Equity Crowdfunding and Tokenization Drive Each Other Forward

Global equity crowdfunding has exploded from $8.61 billion raised in 2020 to $113.52 billion last year, a 1,021% increase. We take a look at how equity crowdfunding and tokenization combine together.
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16 trillion by 2030: Boston Consulting Group Estimates Size of Tokenized Economy

Boston Consulting Group estimates that the tokenization of illiquid assets will cover 16 trillion (trillions) by 2030, equivalent to 10% of the world's GDP.
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Understanding Value Creation in the Metaverse

By converting game assets into NFTs, companies guarantee users' ownership of the assets they obtain during their gameplay. This sovereignty over their assets enables communities of players to trade with each other....
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OECD: Distributed ledger technologies are set to transform financial markets

Earlier this year, the OECD released a report titled “The Tokenisation of Assets and Potential Implications for Financial Markets”

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