Harness the full value of securities through digitization

Improve your assets transferability and your return on investment alternatives

For Asset Managers

Funds increase their attractiveness by improving their liquidity options through tokenization. Assets digitized on blokchain are more tradable, marketable and secure

Hyper efficient, liquid and marketable

Financial Assets Tokenization Services

We closely work with you to ensure that your tokenized assets comply with all legal protections. Our team transfers your securities to the digital realm by registering your financial asset rights on blockchain, where smart contracts let us define rules that execute compliance at the token level and allow for automatic distribution of earnings to investors. We provide you with liquid and transferable tokenized securities.

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Smart Contract Development

We help you design the economics and legal aspects of the Security Tokens. We develop smart contracts allowing for the creation and management of Security Tokens.



Digital Securities Management

Use our platform to monitor and manage your Security Tokens.


Buy and Sell

Purchasing and Selling

List your Security Tokens for sale or buy other investors' digital securities in a completely safe environment.

“Asset tokenization is the origin of new capital markets in the digital age. We are tokenizing and selling our Hispania loan portfolio worth € 5 million through Token City, so we can start reaping the benefits of digitized financial assets”.

Testimonial Author

Javier Mera

CEO of Linx Capital Investments