Unprecedented liquidity options for the private sector

Raise funds by issuing Security Tokens and provide liquidity to your investors

For companies raising funds

Companies raising capital can issue blockchain based Security Tokens through our legally compliant crowdfunding platform. Investors can acquire Security Tokens at their initial value and sell them through Token City


Early Stage - Growth


Companies from any sector looking to raise funds, usually between € 1 million and € 5 million. Security Tokens Offerings (STOs) allow companies to raise funds while providing their investors with a liquid asset that can be sold on Token City's platform to accredited and non accredited buyers from anywhere in the world.

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Early Stage


Technological companies looking to start or complete a funding round, usually up to € 2 million. A secondary market for startup equities instantly solves one of the most salient needs of the early stage investment industry: Investors no longer have to wait for a liquidity event to be able to exit.

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Corporate Funds

Real Estate

STOs in real estate provide liquidity to illiquid real estate assets. For investment funds and family offices, tokenizing their portfolios provides access to a wider choice of investors. Fractional ownership allows retail investors to take part in exclusive properties. Institutional investors will benefit from the automation provided by smart contracts.

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“Tokenizing our funding rounds has increased our investors' confidence, since it gives them the freedom and security to trade their asset whenever they decide to”.

Testimonial Author

Isidro Quintana

CEO of Triple O Games