• Thursday, October the sixth at 18h30. Crypto Plaza: Avda. Méndez Álvaro, 9. Floor 0
    How to finance your project by issuing Utility Tokens, NFTs and Security Tokens
    Sectors such as real estate and renewable energy are leading the way in this new form of digital finance that is bursting onto the alternative funding scene

Next Thursday, October 6, at 18:30 h, from Crypto Plaza, Méndez Álvaro, 9, Madrid, the first #FSLTalks session of the Female Startup Leader Association has been organized with Token City, where Yael Oaknin and Rocio Alvarez - Ossorio will tell us, in a discussion moderated by Esther Molina, the benefits for companies as well as for investors of financing their project through the issuance of tokens.

Companies can package new forms of value through tokens and investors receive their investment in a more liquid format. Sectors such as real estate, renewable energy, crypto, startups, art, are leading the way into this new form of digital finance that is bursting onto the alternative finance scene.

The Female Startup Leaders Association is set to lead the community of female founders of the most innovative technology-based startups in Spanish-speaking countries. Our collaboration exemplifies the combination of forces regarding one of the leading technologies that is revolutionizing everything: blockchain and how it is possible to innovate, even on the investment alternatives, with the rise of asset tokenization.

The event will be both in person and online. Also, it will end with some networking and a very cold beer.


Esther Molina
Journalist and Founder of FSL
Rocío Álvarez-Ossorio
Token City CMO
Yael H. Oaknín
Token City CEO & Founder