Platform for the purchase
and sale of private crypto assets

Asset-backed Tokens

P2P Marketplace, instantaneous and without intermediaries

For the first time in history private units of value, represented as crypto assets or tokens, can be transferred over the internet, on a global scale, safely and without intermediation.


Create your Marketplace in Token City

Enhanced Liquidity

Provide liquidity to your digital assets by tokenizing them and allowing them to be bought and sold in our marketplace. Our team works closely with you to help you in the process of tokenization and creation of your private market. Contact us to increase the liquidity of your assets through tokenization.

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How it works


Existing or new

Token Creation or listing

We help you create your tokens or, if you already have them, to list them on our marketplace.


Private or public

Marketplace Creation

Use our platform to enable private buying and selling of your token.



Market liquidity

Connect your market with other liquidity solutions on the global stage.