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Asset-backed Tokens

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For the first time in history private units of value, represented as crypto assets or tokens, can be transferred over the internet, on a global scale, safely and without intermediation.

Aggregate supply of private crypto assets

Buy Crypto Assets

Investors can visit the "City of Tokens" to access a diverse offer of crypto assets backed by economic assets of all kinds. The purchase is made instantly, directly to the investor who sells the tokens. In the case of primary offering, when the asset issuer puts the token into circulation for the first time, investors can connect directly with the issuer and invest through the issuance platforms enabled in each case.

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Enhanced Liquidity

Provide liquidity to your digital assets by tokenizing them and allowing them to be bought and sold in our marketplace. Our team works closely with you to help you in the process of tokenization and creation of your private market. Contact us to increase the liquidity of your assets through tokenization.

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